005 Mask

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Masks are turbo boosters — they supply a higher concentration of nutrients and detoxifiers to the skin. A few minutes of this baby and your skin will be soft, supple, hydrated and happy.

Follow with our Moisturizer or Recovery Cream.


    Use up to three times a week.

    To apply, spread an even layer over cleansed, moist skin. Leave on for a few minutes, up to fifteen. Remove with warm water and dry with a soft cloth.

    Read our Guide to Masks


    Detoxifies from pore-dwelling pollutants and revives nutrient and moisture-depleted epidermal barrier.

    Size: net wt. 2.0 oz. / 56 g

    Fragrance: essential oils of lavender & rosewood

    pH: 6.2

    Solubility: emulsion


    Sunflower & Safflower: oils rich in Omega-6 that keep skin soft and hydrated.

    Activated Coconut Charcoal: powder that draws out impurities & environmental toxins; sebum absorber that binds and removes toxins and impurities.

    Black Mud: mineral rich mud sourced from European lakes that conditions and nourishes the skin with essential minerals and vitamins.

    *Does not contain sulfates, retinoids, acids, benzoyl peroxide or parabens.

    Please see Ingredients for complete ingredient list.


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